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ok this is gonna be like my top thingy ive been wanting to do this forever but i get lazy


my journal is now kinda like half part a little friends only so yeah


thank you

your pal,

*this might change from time to time
got a new dog.
stop using the internet.
started using the internet.

Jul. 8th, 2008

my dog died.

it's nowhere in here and it's everywhere else that i don't want to be.

Jun. 3rd, 2008

today i was woken up from one of those dreams you wish would never end.
tonight i'll go to sleep trying my hardest to make that dream happen one more time.
i need to, at least, finish it.
if one dream is all i get, i'll take it.
i will say that i still can't get over how women are shaped, and that i will go to my grave wanting to pet their butts and boobs.

i don't except you to say anything

my mother has cancer and is getting a lumpectomy
everything was going right and now it's back to being shit :]

luckily i have nina to make everything better

[20:27] larvi!: I've been here
[20:28] larvi!: since 8 am fyi
[20:28] element of faces: ive been there with you since 8am
[20:28] element of faces: you always act like i sit around and do nothing while you work
[20:28] larvi!: hahahaha I love you
[20:28] larvi!: ejaculating isn't work
[20:29] element of faces: it is fucking work you have no idea because you won't do it for me anymore
[20:29] element of faces: its a full time job to supply you with enough cum to drink
[20:30] larvi!: amen
[20:30] element of faces: chris and i both have to supply it
[20:30] larvi!: my cum iv is getting low fyi
[20:30] element of faces: it depresses him he can't do it on his own
[20:30] element of faces: you have no idea what your habit does to people
[20:30] larvi!: no one cums like you baby
[20:31] larvi!: we both know this
[20:31] element of faces: i know sometimes you can't wait its sucha problem when were in public
[20:32] larvi!: you should plan ahead
[20:33] element of faces: i usually do you drank the whole bottle i made for you in 2 seconds flat
[20:33] element of faces: it was a fucking feat
[20:34] larvi!: my mom just texted me
[20:34] larvi!: "what's up with ellen being gay"

this is for me and me only

becausee i love nothing more than the conversations i have with nina and i was so mean to her today and i never want to do that again so remEMBER this

[17:14] honey bunches of oats: okay sweet you never say anything and then
[17:14] honey bunches of oats: you explode in a fit of gay

righteousnessCollapse )

i do'nt feel like adding anymore
i'm so sick

thank god for coricidin cough and cold!


i OFFICIALLY am in a relationship and she's gorgeous and looks like shannon sossamon mmmm
[nina we're still dating though even though we're both married]

i also love the new nelly furtado song
i'm so gay :DDDD

i should probably post more

my mom is having surgery today
i woke up at 6 to go to the hospital with her and then had to go work with my dad so i'm ridiculously tired!

my mom kept making comments about her dying like insurance policies and stuff
and before she went in she said 'just so you know i love you more than anything ever' and started crying :((((
i know she's going to be fine but i'm such a faggot when it comes to my mother kljsdhAAAAA

other than that i've been really happy lately thanks to someone :]

i need to take a shit though