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i don't except you to say anything

my mother has cancer and is getting a lumpectomy
everything was going right and now it's back to being shit :]

luckily i have nina to make everything better

[20:27] larvi!: I've been here
[20:28] larvi!: since 8 am fyi
[20:28] element of faces: ive been there with you since 8am
[20:28] element of faces: you always act like i sit around and do nothing while you work
[20:28] larvi!: hahahaha I love you
[20:28] larvi!: ejaculating isn't work
[20:29] element of faces: it is fucking work you have no idea because you won't do it for me anymore
[20:29] element of faces: its a full time job to supply you with enough cum to drink
[20:30] larvi!: amen
[20:30] element of faces: chris and i both have to supply it
[20:30] larvi!: my cum iv is getting low fyi
[20:30] element of faces: it depresses him he can't do it on his own
[20:30] element of faces: you have no idea what your habit does to people
[20:30] larvi!: no one cums like you baby
[20:31] larvi!: we both know this
[20:31] element of faces: i know sometimes you can't wait its sucha problem when were in public
[20:32] larvi!: you should plan ahead
[20:33] element of faces: i usually do you drank the whole bottle i made for you in 2 seconds flat
[20:33] element of faces: it was a fucking feat
[20:34] larvi!: my mom just texted me
[20:34] larvi!: "what's up with ellen being gay"


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Mar. 9th, 2007 02:47 am (UTC)
:) i love you/your mom
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