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thanks bradfitz!

my journal got suspended :]

Dec. 12th, 2006

it's been too long since i've cuddled :]]]]]]]]


why am i doing this

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hanukkah starts on friday
what are you getting me?
it's about god damn time.


i was banned from indiefucks how RUDE
i did nothing absolutely nothing i never troll and i'm always nice i don't get it

apparently this is why
i got warned but he warned me after i posted both things like i didn't even see the warning how is that fair? three fucking days whaat a joke!

luckily i have nina and she's going to post for me :]

she was everything i dreamed she'd be

[23:55] LARVI sk: you're my dream and
[23:55] LARVI sk: you're all I ever want
[23:55] LARVI sk: I'm so lucky you're my bfffffff
[23:55] LARVI sk: it's like constantly winning the lotto

1 day until i go now

for some odd reason i'm scared that i'm never coming back
possibly because i'll end up dying there from missing nina so unbelievably much
i can anticipate the pain i'm going to go through the day i leave until the day i come back, i'm already feeling it now

yeah whatever i know it's good for me and it's the right thing but fuck that i don't want to do the right thing. i want to stay home and have nina read to me and make me laugh so much my stomach hurts, forever, until the day i die.
i'm leaving friday sunday for a while [couple months maybe more]

goodbye !

i don't know what i'm going to do without you, i'm going to be half a person


pinch me.

it's so hot in virginia

it's one hundred and fucking two right now

my face is melting!